Marcelo L Stamm


Lailah did not know the mess she was entering when she agreed to be part of that information steal, which just seemed to be one of many more. Rebecca, on the other hand, did not see the time of the military period of fifty years in the space of its husband finally to finish and then return to its house and its children. Dipper, as usual, was running around with another coiled cop case and cursing his boss over it. In addition, he is persecuted for his past and hurts. Nothing that cannot be treated with a good dose of whiskey in old General Shell's bar. Understand the motives of the mysterious Gastain that led him to devise an ingenious plan of revenge against the primordial homes that betrayed his family. Be in solidarity with Maureen and Margareth, these strong women, who despite the horrors they have gone through, have plenty of strength to live and hope for the future. Time and space are decisive factors in understanding the nuances of this book. Revenge, survival, degeneracy, the boundaries between the human and the nonhuman blend into a spiral of technology, religiosity, repentance and prejudice. Be a detective and discover the mysteries that intertwine the various narratives and lives in this book.